Kirche von Morgen. Treasures & thresholds

Gudrun & Klaus Vogel //// 1979-1981 //// Dietrich Bonhoeffer Kirche, Hannover [GE] ////

This church was the subject for an international Workshop in situ called Kirche von Morgen (Churches of tomorrow). In collab with theologians and architectural student Ina Baeteman, I made a proposal for the reactivation of the church and community center. By eliminating the most treasured space, the foyer, we seize hidden opportunities. An informal passageway connects the public market space with a spiritual and functional garden that could be addressed as a serendipitous stopover, or as a true destination. Additionally, a number of intelligent interventions in the Sakralraum facilitate multi-purpose - both profane and secular - use. The chapel, today pragmatically used as storage space, is transformed into a sublime space for individual devotion.